A Guide to Sewer Drain Cleaning Machines and Equipments

We all come across an issue of sewer drain blockage once in our life time and we all have tried many DIY techniques to resolve the blockage issue. Few of us even own a small tool kit that can help in sewer drain cleaning. Apart from this, there are many professional service providers of sewer drain cleaning who can help your all major and big sewer drain problems.

In between all this, have you ever tried to explore the sewer drain cleaning machines and equipments? Well, if not then here we are giving you a brief overview of some of the most popular tools and equipments.

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Most Popular Tools and Equipments of Sewer Drain Cleaning:

  • Hand Tools

Hand Tools

From sewer tapes to toilet Augers to hand spinners; these all hand tools are the basic equipments which can be used by anyone without any professional assistance. You only need to know the right technique to use them. And because they are the basic tools thus they are counted under manual tool. Also, you can easily find and use them on your own.

  • Sink machines

Sink machines

Nowadays even sink drain cleaning machines have become very common because they are portable, compact and light weight. They are also easy to use and can be used by anyone without any professional guidance. Mostly used to unclog the sewer drains, they are counted under electric tools.

  • Jetters


Water jetters are bit complex and can only be used by professionals. Generally, hydro jetting machines are used for abrasive water discharge operations to clean grease, soap clogged passages and sludge the sewage line. They are bit expensive and are mostly used by big sewer drain cleaning companies.

  • Drum/Sectional machines

Drum Sectional machines

As the name itself speaks, these are the big and heavy duty machines with high torque that are used to clean the drains and unclog heavy blockages in sewer drain pipes. They generally come with big and durable cables and cutters to deliver powerful performance. They can only be used by trained professionals.

Apart from these, there are many other complex machineries and tools too. But now when you know some of the most commonly used tools and equipments of sewer drain cleaning in Islip we are sure this will help you sort your sewer problems in better way.



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