Reasons with Solutions of Sewage Drain Blockage

It is very tough to deal with broken, clogged and damaged sewage lines. It becomes more unpleasant when they start backing up. Improper maintenance and Sewer rooter are the two most common reasons for it.

 Here we are discussing the common reasons that make drainage and sewage lines blocked, clogged and damaged. Along with this, we are also mentioning the solutions that can help you avoid these problems. Take a look:

Some Reasons with Solutions of Sewage Drain Blockage:

  • Improper disposal of garbage

Never ever try to dispose of any kind of garbage in your flushes and sinks. Please learn to use garbage bins and trash bins for it. Even sanitary napkins and baby diapers should not be flushed from your toilets. Everything which cannot be disposed of naturally over a period of time will surely block the drain and sewage pipes.


Use dustbins in your bathrooms and kitchen to avoid unnecessary disposal of any kind of garbage in your sewage and drain networks.  And try to make it a habit.


  • Grease and oil disposal from kitchens

From food leftovers to accumulated grease and oil on utensils; intentionally or unintentionally we tend to dispose of them in kitchen sinks which over a period of time get accumulated along the walls of a drain and sewage pipes t form blockages and clogs. And this is something which cannot be easily avoided.


Installing grease traps under your kitchen sink pipes is the best thing anyone can do to avoid the flow of grease and oil in drain pipes.


  • Tree roots invasion

Many a time people not even think of it but this can be a major problem. As trees grow their roots also expand and start invading the underground pipelines of drains and sewage. And this could break and damage the whole drainage and sewage network.


Make sure to avoid any kind of plantation near the network of the underground drain and sewage pipes to prevent any problem of Sewer rooter provider.

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