DIY Tricks To Get of Sewer Roots

If even after flushing your toilet, all the flushed content come back in your bathroom then it could be a sign of sewer rooter. This could be one of the most unpleasant experiences and might require professional plumbing assistance. Although it is not easy for tree roots to enter the sewer pipes but sometimes even a small crack or fissure can invite tree roots invading and damaging your sewer pipes. But do you know that even some DIY techniques can help you get rid of Sewer Rooter.

So, here we are discussing a few DIY tips that can save you from expensive professional plumbing services.

Take a look:

DIY techniques Can Help You Get Rid of Sewer Rooter:

  • Prevention is the best strategy

We have heard many times that prevention is better than cure but do you know that this is also applicable for sewer roots too. Always remember, that the roots can grow three times more than the actual width of the tree crown. You can use the sewer cameras to find the exact location of tree roots to avoid any kind of root invasion.

  • Treat them with copper sulfate

Nowadays, many home improvement retail stores have copper sulfate in both crystallines as well as foaming forms which when flushed in a toilet can help in making your sewer lines tree root-free. The substance is said to be toxic and can be used to treat minor root infestations. So, if your sewer lines are also suffering from sewer roots make sure to flush it in every two weeks to get more effective results.

  • Mechanical rooter equipment can also do the trick

Once you have killed the roots then you might need mechanical rooter equipments which can help in clearing the dead tree roots from the passage of sewer line. This will remove all chances of further obstruction thereby making your drain pipes 100% free from the problem sewer rooter problem.

Once tree roots get a chance to invade in sewer pipes then they can grow abruptly causing havoc for your complete drainage system. Inhibiting the flushing action, sewer roots can make it function more sluggishly. So, make sure to treat Sewer rooter in your area properly before it can actually create trouble for you and your home.

DIY Tricks To Get of Sewer Roots

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